The journey continues to Cinque Terre | Italy

CInque Terre was by far my most favorite city in Italy. It has 5 small villages within reach. One can walk or take a train to any or all 5 of the villages. My girlfriend and I stayed in Monterosso, it has the most action. The landscape is mountainous filled with luscious greenery and the sea of course is to die for. And don’t get me started about the food… because I won’t be able to stop!

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vernazza | Italy

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Cuz sometimes you have to dance the pasta off with your fellow italians ||

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Because sometimes celfies are necessaryphoto 3


photo 4italia tunnel vision




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sweating it out \\

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The food in Italy is to die for…

Between the homemade pastas, freshly baked pastries, the creamy lattes, the cold colorful gelatos, the hot bubbly pizzas, and the earthy wines… I gained 10lbs in a week and could not care less. I would move to Italy just for the food itself…

I fell in love with all of it and had no shame stuffing my face on a daily basis. If you ever get the chance to go to Italy, PLEASE INDULGE!  – xoxo

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soul searching

For those of you who know me, know that I started a blog in April and was super excited about it. Then in May I unexpectedly  lost my father, my person, my whole world……then the blogging came to an abrupt stop. My whole life came to a halt. I had no life in me, no desire to live. I decided to pack up my life, pack my bags and travel. Travel as long and far away as possible. I had some major soul-searching to do. Major heart mending to do…

I have been gone for a little over a month now. The journey has been difficult, interesting, yet rewarding. I am now starting to see some light, some hope, as well as feeling some life back in my veins. So hoping…let the blogging begin //


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shoes | ALDO bag | TARGET dress | MOSSIMO glasses | RAY-BAN

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On our way to Tuscany to do a little wine tasting and exploring… the wheels on the bus go round and round


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anddddd taking a break //